Get Your Hazmat Suits

because ‘Radiation’ is officially released to the public! Our latest issue, that is.

Our launch Wednesday night went wonderfully, with a big thanks to University Bookstore for hosting, Wells Fargo for funding, our talented contributors, and especially our three readers: Hayden Stockwell, Maren Robison, and Espen Hellevick. If you missed it, you can pick up your own copy at University Bookstore, English Advising, and, by tomorrow morning, Bulldog Newsstand. You can buy a PDF online here.

And as radiation is a sort-of movement, several of our own staff is moving on. Editors Savannah Wilson, Katie Smith, and Jackie Yu are all graduating this year. We’re thankful of everything they’ve done and excited to see what they’ll do in the future!

Speaking of the future, AU has a bright one: Aly Brady and Khadija Lokhandwala will remain on staff, joined by new editors Lauren Davis, Amy Hsaun Chiu, and BreAnna Girdy.

If you want to play a part in this future, check out this poll and help us decide on our next theme!


Join the Dark Side!

Workshop with the Dark Side! Submit to the Dark Side!

taraji p henson cookie GIF
So, as you noticed, spring is speeding along and our deadline for Radiation along with it. Remember, May 2nd is only a couple short weeks away!

If you’ve got an idea or a piece you’re trying to make work, we’ve got good news for you—in exactly one week we’ll be hosting a casual workshop at Oasis on the Ave at 6pm. Join for bubble tea and some good advice.

Lastly, and quite importantly, we’re looking for editors for next year’s staff. We need a Visual Arts editor that can access to InDesign as well as literary editors (you can easily do both, if you’re so inclined). AU is a small, tight team of 4-6, with an ebb and flow of work throughout each quarter. If you love fantasy, sci-fi, and all those goodies we publish and aren’t afraid to reach out to the community, consider applying! You’ll gain experience editing, publishing, and, naturally, read a lot of fun work from talented young writers. And, for the Visual Arts editor, you will generate a lot of skillful work yourself that will look great in a portfolio!

If you’re interested in becoming the next Visual Arts editor, email us directly at, as your application process will be slightly different. If you’re solely interested in on of our literary editors, fill out this application and email us by April 30th.

So, come, join us! We most definitely have cookies,

Throwing out the Trash

Happy Spring AU-ers!

Let’s skip the awkward ‘it’s been too long’s and jump straight to the good stuff: the magazine.

Firstly, a giant thanks to Amy Hsuan Chiu, Kimberly Yee, and Hayden Stockwell for sharing their amazing stories and Parnassus for hosting our lovely launch party last quarter. Thanks to them, we’ve launched Garbage off to a great start. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit of a halting one, as distribution this quarter has taken longer than usual. We have online PDFs for sale here and at English Advising, and will have copies at UBooks and Bulldog News shortly.

Don’t worry—we’ve got more good news. With a new quarter, there’s a new theme and new stories to tell. This quarter our theme is Radiation!

From apocalyptia to extra limbs to microwaves, we want to see what you can do (and, as always, if you’ve just a general speculative story, poem, or artwork you’d like to share, we’d love to see that too).

Our deadline is May 2nd. So we hope you spend the next five weeks with your mind a glow with radiation.

New Year, New Issue, New Reality?

Hello AU!

We started this year late, but with an abundance of energy—as all those wonderful people who visited us at the RSO Fair can attest. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by!

This year, AU is planning to publish our traditional issue per quarter, but we’re open to new events or ideas. If you think there’s something cool AU should be involved in, please let us know! What we want, most of all, is to bolster the creative geekdom at the UW.

While it’s too early to start formally looking now, we’d like everyone to know we’ll be recruiting heavily at the end of the year, as graduation is stealing a pretty portion of our staff. Most significantly, we’ll need a new visual editor, familiar with InDesign, Photoshop, etc.. Any new editor needs to be passionate, friendly, and in love with speculative fiction.

Speaking of, this quarter, as you may know, our theme is ‘Dimensions’. What exactly does that mean? Um, well…

rotomangler animation vintage science retro GIF

It can be a bit abstract, to say the least. Dimensions communicate space, or, more specifically, how things take space in their shapes and depth. In a story, dimensions are mystery, saying ‘there is more here than what you see; there are curves and angles and depths here you haven’t explored.’ On a cosmic, theoretical scale, dimensions operate in much the same way.

We’re excited to see how you explore the mystery of dimensions in this upcoming month. Our deadline is November 10th and, as always, we accept poetry, prose, art, photography, etc. If it fits and it prints, we’ll consider it!

Until next time,

After the Apocalypse

Well, well, well, someone hasn’t been very active or communicative recently have they?

We apologize for that. On the bright side, we’ve got a lot to say and a lot to look forward to!

Firstly, “Apocalypse” has launched and we all survived!

 spn apocalypse pacific rim cancel team free will GIF

(nothing is cancelled, do not be alarmed)

That’s something to be very proud of—most so for our wonderful contributors this issue. Especially, we’d like to thank Ahmed Al Awahdi, Hayden Stockwell, Sarah Oakes (also our amazing cover artist), Mikaela Shilling, Ian Campbell, and Matthew Park for reading at our launch, the University Bookstore for hosting us, and everyone else who attended. Y’all made it a great night.

The process of distributing the magazine is slower, unfortunately. UBooks may still have some copies, Bulldog newsstand received copies but they may not be for sale yet, and the pdf is available here. English Advising does not have any yet.

Of course, if you’re truly desperate for a copy for an apocalypse, this Tuesday we’ll be tabling in front of the HUB, along with many other UW student publications. Stop by, mingle, make some worthy purchases, and enjoy the (hopeful) sunshine!

Before we leave off, we’d like to remind everyone that we’re looking for editors for next year—the actual interview process will probably take place in autumn, but keep an ear to the ground for future updates.

Best of luck with the rest of the quarter, and hope to hear from you again soon!


Escaping Winter and Heading into ???

Well, we’ve made it through winter, and have a bright, shiny, impressive new issue of AU to show for it; Escape is now for sale at the English Advising Department, Bulldog News, and University Bookstore! Thank you UBooks for hosting our launch party, and to all our wonderful contributors who read and shared their work.

So, we’ve escaped. What do we have to enjoy next?

 earth apocalypse impact meteor collision GIF

That’s right, the end is nigh. Our next quarter’s theme is ‘Apocalypse’.

As always, we accept poetry, prose, and art, though please be prepared for your artwork to print in black and white. We enjoy works that are on theme, but if you have a speculative work that you would like to see published, please send it our way!

We’d also love to see cover-art, which would need to reflect Apocalypse, and include AU, the issue number, and ‘Apocalypse ‘ itself.

See you on the other side,

Issue XVII Submissions & Launch Party

Hey everyone,

Our submission deadline has just passed on the seventeenth of this month and we’ve received a sweet amount of spectacularly thought out prose pieces, poetry, and a bit of art. The AU staff are impressed by how well-written many of the stories are! Some really went spot on with the escapism theme of this issue. Others hit it on the mark with the speculative fiction genre, oh gosh.

Although we were unable to accept in all submissions to publish for the magazine, we want to thank you all for sending in your pieces and we truly enjoyed reading them. Please, please consider submitting for our spring issue of XVIII next quarter!

We also wanna thank all who have contributed in their works to this winter quarter’s issue from the bottom of our hearts as we can’t continue this magazine without you guys. Congratulations to all whom will be published in our winter quarter issue!


thanks spongebob thank you spongebob squarepants muscles

There is definite literary talent at UW that we’re happy to project to all audiences who have access to issues of Alternate Universe.

ANNNNNNND finally, a launch party for this quarter’s issue will be held at the UW Bookstore on the date of March 6th at 6 PM sharp upstairs near the technology and children’s book section. Introduce yourselves to the staff and AU contributors for this issue as new persons interested in Alternate Universe. There will be readings, mingling, and free food or drink to consume.

We look forward to meeting you all.

~ AU Staff

Launches and Submissions: Beyond Returns

Well, long time no see everyone!

A lot has happened since our last update—firstly, we published Returns!  Our authors and artists, and us, the editors, put a lot of love and care into this issue, and we hope it shows. You can find it for sale at the English Advising Department in Padelford, Bulldog News Stand on the Ave, or the University Bookstore on the Ave, for $3 only!

Secondly, we had our launch party! We want to thank UBooks for hosting, Mathew Park and Kathryn Draney for reading their wonderful stories, and everyone who attended and ate our food. We hope to see you all again soon.

Lastly, we’ve decided on Issue XVII’s theme and submission deadline. The deadline is Febuary 10th, and the theme is…

master escaping


(feel free to use above gif as inspiration)

As with last quarter, we’re more flexible with on-theme submissions than past issues. If you have a story/poem/piece of art you’d like to share with us, but doesn’t have anything to do with ‘Escape’, don’t hesitate—we’d still love to see it.

Of course, any  cover art submissions would need to be on-theme, and include space for Escape, our AU logo, and Issue XVII. If you’re some awesome person interested in submitting cover art, please look over the Submit section for more details.

Until next time,

Call for Submissions: Fall 2016

Hello new and old AU-ers,

The good news just keeping coming: submissions for Fall are open! Our theme for this quarter is ‘Returns’, but don’t feel bound to it. While we’d usually prefer the submissions to relate to our theme, every submission reflects the spirit of our ‘return’, as it were, so any fantastical, mystical, otherworldly, or otherwise not-realist piece of work, from prose to painting, you’d like to contribute will be welcome.

Submission deadline in currently November 18th

And, please, artists, consider creating a cover for this issue! You can find further instructions under the Submit menu above.

Are you guys excited? We’re excited,

The AU Staff

AU Returns!

Hello fellow speculative fiction fans! You may have noticed some AU activity recently.

vintage horror classic frankenstein fathers day

Yes, all the hopes raised this summer have come to fruition: AU is returning. That’s the good news. The better news? You can join us! We’re still looking for potential editors, particularly people comfortable with design and formatting. If you’re interested, please email us.

Of course, you don’t have to be an editor to be a part of AU. Whether we will publish this quarter or wait until next will be decided by the editing team shortly, but if you hope to contribute to or read the magazine in the future, please spread the word about us! Clawing oneself out from the grave isn’t the easiest thing to do, but encouragement always helps.

On a final note, as much as cheesy, stock sunrise pictures capture my heart, any person wanting to help make new AU logos and cover art for the website and the FB page will be more than welcome–in fact, I’d go as far to say celebrated and adored. It can be any fantastical photo or picture your heart desires, as long as it includes AU (and, preferably but not necessarily, Straying From Reality). As above, if you’re interested please email us.

Our email, as always, is Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

A very excited new AU-er,