What can I submit?

We love poetry and stories, but if you have an awesome drawing/painting/photograph/comic you feel fits the spirit of the magazine, please submit! For visual submissions, black and white is preferable unless otherwise stated (see the section on cover art below), with a resolution of 300 ppi. For stories, our word limit is a liberal 2000, with a hard-limit of 2500. While we are certainly open to submissions of all kinds, we do wish to say that incorporation of the quarterly theme is considered in the selection process.

How do I submit?

Send an email to, let us know your full name and attach your work in a .doc or .jpeg file. Also, please tell us how you are associated with the UW – we love encouraging speculative fiction everywhere, but we are a university publication.* We’ll let you know if we can put your work in one of our issues!

AU uses a selection process similar to that of a publishing house, in which selections will be made by the editorial team on the basis of how well the individual submission fits into the theme of that issue and how it works, collectively, with the other accepted submissions. In other words, though a specific submission may not fit well in one issue, it doesn’t mean we didn’t love it or that your writing couldn’t appear in a later issue.

Because we love what we’re doing and are a small-scale journal, we also offer contributors a round of one-on-one editing with one of our staff members. We’ll take a closer look at your story and then discuss your work with you, offering any help we may be able to give. Whether you change anything is completely up to you. We’re just here to offer a friendly ear and some special attention, if you so desire. If you do not want your story to be proofread at all, no problem! Just let us know.

Submitting cover art?

Excellent! We’d love to see what you’ve got. Here are our simple guidelines:

  • It should reflect the theme, and
  • It should be the correct dimensions, either half page or full page, 300 ppi. (half: 5.5″ x 8.5″ portrait – on the front only, or full: 8.5″ x 11″ landscape – one half would be the back cover, the other would be the front).

You may also include the title of the issue if you would like, but it isn’t mandatory. Note that we will add the AU logo, issue number and title (if one was not included) somewhere on the cover.

Your submission can be color or black and white, whatever tickles your fancy. Mostly, us editors will be looking for a cover that’s cohesive with the selections we make for the journal. If you’re not selected, we strongly hope you’ll try again the next quarter, when we’ll have a new theme.

The file format should preferably be JPEG or PDF, and large enough to look nice when we print the journals. Keep in mind that we may ask you to tweak a few details before final print, so save whatever documents you need to do edits (if you use layers, for example)!

*If you are not associated with the UW, but are interested in submitting as a guest contributor, please email us! We’ll see if we can work something out. 🙂

We gladly accept submissions from UW students, staff, faculty, alumni, squirrels, seagulls and displaced souls but we do ask for a former or current affiliation with the University.
For more info, find us on Facebook or email us at


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