How can I read AU?

You can find copies of our latest issues in the Undergraduate English Advising Office, or Padelford A-2-B for $3! Or, if you’d rather not brave Padelford’s murky labyrinth, check us out at the University Bookstore or Bulldog News on the Ave ($3.50). All older issues at Padelford, and some at the University Bookstore, are $2. You can also get a copy directly from the editors by emailing, though we recommend checking the above locations first.

Why are readers so important?

All our amazing contributors will be writing stunning stories for YOU! Readers are just as important as writers in the publishing world, otherwise all will be for naught. Building a readership is a crucial part of our organization. Besides trying to offer a voice to the sci-fi and fantasy community on campus, we are also trying to bring that community together. Your time and support will help us accomplish both goals.

If you like what we do, please tell your friends about us! We cannot tell you how important this is! All the flyers and mass emails we can send out will not be nearly as powerful or effective as one of you recommending us to a friend. So, please, if you like what we do, spread the word!

Want to buy PDF copies of the present or past issues of AU?

Great! You’re in the right place. Not all issues are currently available in PDF.

A PDF of our past few issues can be purchased using this link:

But Issue XXI: Radiation$3

Buy Issue XX: Garbage $2

Buy Issue XIX: Dimensions $2

PDFs of previous issues can be found here


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