What is speculative fiction?

Well, the dictionary defines it as, “a broad literary genre encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements” and the ever-trustful Wikipedia thinks of it as, “an umbrella term encompassing the more highly imaginative fiction genres, specifically including science fiction, fantasy, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history.” The important aspect of both of those definitions is that we consider the term to be wide-ranging. We love it all.

What does “AU” stand for?

The letters “AU” stand for “Alternate Universe.” Or sometimes “Alternate Universes.” Depends on the day. Consider also: Gold, ‘Hey you!’, and two convenient letters of the alphabet.

Where can I get a copy of AU?

We sell current and old issues at University Bookstore on the Ave, Bulldog Newsstand, and the Undergraduate English Advising Office in Padelford A-2-B! Depending on location (check out our Read page for more detail), we sell older issues for $2, and the latest issues for $3. If you’re having trouble finding the issue you want, the English Advising office keeps most of our stock, but you can always email us. You can also check out our Read page to buy PDFs.

Can I join the AU listserv?

Absolutely! Just sign up *here*, and you’ll get an email every couple of weeks informing you about the latest AU opportunities, events and deadlines.

Why is AU so inexpensive? I mean, it’s only $3!

Well, there’s one basic reasons: 1) we’re not doing this for money. We do have some heavy production cost, but we try to fund it through sponsors and old sales. Plus, we can’t make the journal free, since that means everyone will pick up a copy, whether they’re interested in speculative fiction or not. We don’t have enough money or time to produce the hundreds of journals that that would require. So, we made it inexpensive, to make sure anyone who’s interested in it can afford a copy and to help make sure our pocketbooks can continue to create these journals just for you.

If you’re interested in helping sponsor future issues (we’re always on the hunt), or otherwise know of potential sponsors, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Does AU host events on campus?

Most of our editorial team’s time is taken up by the creation of the journal, but at the end of each quarter, we host a release party to kick off the most recent issue!

Although we don’t host events very often, there are many events happening in the U-District that are of interest to speculative fiction fans. If we hear of such an event, we try to post it on our Facebook feed and News page a couple days prior. You can get these updates by joining our Facebook page, AU: UW Speculative Fiction.

I’m interested in editing with AU. What’s it like?

Awesome! We’re good people.

Obviously, there’s a lot of reading, and discussing what you’re reading, which, if you’re interested in editing, is probably right up your alley. Our staff is small, usually no more than 5 people, so you have to be flexible and collaborative, with the staff diving responsibility amongst themselves based on interest and ability. However, a big responsibility for every editor is outreach–getting the word out about events and deadlines. If you’d like more information, email us at strayingfromreality.gmail.com.

Currently, for the 2018-2019 school year, we’re looking for Visual Arts Editors and Literary Editors. All editors read, discuss, decide, and edit the submitted and accepted work for each issue, and play roles in out-reach. Visual Arts editors are responsible for design (logos, posters, covers, and, most importantly, the issues themselves). Literary Editors may be responsible for social media, or distribution, publication, etc.

If you want to apply, email us, tell us which position you’re interested in, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

I am a published speculative fiction author and I love your journal. How can I help?

Omigoshreally?? Well boy, we’d love to have you help! In our very first issue we printed an essay by respected author T.A. Barron, and it was SO COOL. The options are limitless! Just send us an email at strayingfromreality@gmail.com and we can talk about it! Also omigosh we get to talk to a real live author…


Questions or comments? strayingfromreality@gmail.com


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