Launches and Submissions: Beyond Returns

Well, long time no see everyone!

A lot has happened since our last update—firstly, we published Returns!  Our authors and artists, and us, the editors, put a lot of love and care into this issue, and we hope it shows. You can find it for sale at the English Advising Department in Padelford, Bulldog News Stand on the Ave, or the University Bookstore on the Ave, for $3 only!

Secondly, we had our launch party! We want to thank UBooks for hosting, Mathew Park and Kathryn Draney for reading their wonderful stories, and everyone who attended and ate our food. We hope to see you all again soon.

Lastly, we’ve decided on Issue XVII’s theme and submission deadline. The deadline is Febuary 10th, and the theme is…

master escaping


(feel free to use above gif as inspiration)

As with last quarter, we’re more flexible with on-theme submissions than past issues. If you have a story/poem/piece of art you’d like to share with us, but doesn’t have anything to do with ‘Escape’, don’t hesitate—we’d still love to see it.

Of course, any  cover art submissions would need to be on-theme, and include space for Escape, our AU logo, and Issue XVII. If you’re some awesome person interested in submitting cover art, please look over the Submit section for more details.

Until next time,


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