AU Issue IX: Themes–What Good Are They?


Hello creative types!

A new quarter has begun, and AU: Chronos is nobly on display at the U Bookstore, Bulldog News and the English Advising Office. The amazing fiction we received makes our cup of pride runneth over, so be sure to pick up a copy and tell your loved ones to grab theirs too.
At our release party we asked you to suggest themes for the next issue, but changed our minds later in the spirit of freedom and spring. We’d like to announce that the spring theme is:
We want to let all of you inform on what our next issue says about speculative fiction. (Though we will probably still reject your Dr. Who fan fiction. It’s not you, it’s the licensing costs.) Please submit anything you want by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Cinco de Mayo.
If possible, please submit prose, poetry or visual art that you’ve created in spring quarter. Not to kiss up to you, but we think your newest work is probably your best. If you need thematic inspiration, one of these themes we heard at the Chronos release may help:
Have a great spring break! Make love to the world!
Your editors,
Dave Randall
Wanda Bertram
Missy Brinks

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