AU Issue VIII Call for Submissions

Hello AUers!

As the autumn quarter finally comes to a close and we all venture of for the holidays it’s time to announce the theme for our next issue!

Of course there are still plenty of AU: Issue VII – Homeland available to buy all around the U District. You can pick them up from the English Advising office, Bulldog News, The University Bookstore and hopefully soon the Bookstores HUB location as well. AU makes a great Christmas gift so why not pick up one (or three) now!

So anyway, without much further ado it is time to announce the theme for AU: Issue VIII, CHRONOS. What does Chronos mean? Well essentially it very broadly means Time, and to us more specifically we’re looking for creations around the aspects of Freedom from Time and Out of Time. But please feel free to play around with the theme as you wish, but please remember that while we will read your Dr Who fanfic with jubilation, we won’t publish it!

The deadline is Sunday February 3rd at 11:59pm and we’ll be sending out plenty more reminders over the coming weeks.

PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS WE NEED YOU! If you’re a budding artist then please send us your Chronos themed submissions, the more the merrier and if you know anyone who’s affiliated with the UW and likes to draw then please forward this email on to them. We will accept color submissions, as we’re looking to expand into printing more color pages, but we also need plenty of submissions that will look good in black and white.


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